Inaugurate blog!

Tuesday August 27th, 2013


This is the space from which all share our news, as well as interesting facts about our products and inputs we use, or news you want to share with you., Always thinking about the littlest care … So today inaugurated blog!

We begin by presenting and sharing our vision of the world.

Roxan I created from the principle of caring for the future leaders of the world, taking care of our environment while actively participating with the use of organic cotton. We think of them since before his arrival to the world.

Design from the beginning of high fashion but always making sure that each piece is comfortable and optimize the development of every baby and child wear our product. They are our greatest inspiration.

We want to share from this window, our world view, our motivation and our progress, and of course we want to hear, hear what you think about what we do, and what questions we can acquit, and which thus can provide units with us!

Welcome to our blog!


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