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We give softness and color to life, creating collections in Pima cotton, considered the longest, silkiest and most resistant fiber in the world.

 We join responsible awareness and environmental care with an Eco style of life. Wereclaimour cultural essence and return to nature, designing beautiful clothing with certified Organic Cotton.

Roxan Lo, life style brand, inspired by the magic world of colors and textures fron The Inkas, create luxury collections with magnified natural fibers , Alpaca and Alcapa mix with Silk.


Pima cotton is one of 50 cotton varieties that exist. It´s originally from Peru and grows along the coast, especially in the North.

The combination of seed, soil, and microclimate has made the Peruvian Pima Cotton  the finest cotton and longest fiber in the world.

When processed correctly, has a unique sheen and soft feel insurmountable. Furthermore, despite being a long thin fiber, Pima cotton is also more resistant than all other cottons, making more durable garments. Has a length (mm) of 38.10 to 41.27, a resistor (Pressley) of 92.5 to 100; fineness (Micronaire) of 3.3 to 4.00 and a creamy white color naturally, which allows dyed any color range.



We joining in environmental awareness, we also work with Cotton Pima Certified Organic, 100% natural processes, free of pesticides and harmful chemicals to the health of the skin.

Our inputs are certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), EKO Sustainable Textile Organic Exchange and Fairtrade.

Also use the Native Organic Cotton, another cotton variety who grows directly  in colors from white, beige, brown and green colors.





The Alpaca is a domesticated species of artiodactyl mammal of the family Camelidae. It has a fiber fleece various grades, thicknesses and resistances.The most valuable are those from the first pruning of the alpaca, baby alpaca calls.

It has unique properties that make it a luxury fiber and high-value has elasticity and tension to the yarn given by the uniformity and synchronized curl that occurs in the natural growth of the fiber, extreme smoothness, given by the smoothness, moisture and the very nature of the fiber and thermal properties unique because it acts as an insulator body temperature maintained at their normal levels, and this due to the air cavity having each of the fibers.

It also has a tensile strength and flexibility exquisite: resistance protrudes widely in comparison to other fibers.

Your Durability: It preserves admirably in time, not being damaged by fungi or other microorganisms.

As for the color we can say that naturally has over twenty-five natural colors, shades ranging from white, gray, brown to black, this without losing its ability to retain large dyeing, sde whole range of vibrant colors and soft.


  • ALPACA BABY 80% SILK20%.

A veryversatilefiber, Silk can be blendedwith Alpaca Babyishypoallergenic and resistanttodustmites and mould.

Itis a breathablefiberthathelps balance and  body temperatura.